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P-3 ASLEP kits for Canada’s Auroras

December 12, 2008

air_cp-140_underside_lgThe Government of Canada awarded a USD$ 156 million contract to Lockheed Martin for 10 structural life extension wing kits. Each kit includes all-new outer wings, center wing lower surface assemblies, horizontal stabilizers, wing and horizontal stabilizer leading edges, and various items for the Canadian Forces’ CP-140 Aurora (P-3 Orion) maritime patrol aircraft. These items will be used by Canada’s Aurora Structural Life Extension Program as needed, and are designed to give the Canadian Forces an additional 15,000 flight-hours of service life per plane.

Canada becomes the 4th customer under the Lockheed Martin P-3 ASLEP program. Other ASLEP customers include Norway, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and the U.S. Navy; A proposal for Taiwan’s P-3 fleet is also in progress.

Canada’s Industrial and Regional Benefits Policy applies to this contract, meaning that Lockheed Martin will generate one dollar of economic activity in Canada for every dollar it receives from the contract.

Sources: DID | Loockeed Martin

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