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More delay for Canada’s CH-148 Helicopters

January 4, 2009

CH-148 (Source: Sikorsky)

Source: DID

Links: Sikorsky MH-92

Canada’s government announces that they have renegotiated the CH-148 helicopter contract with Sikorsky. Initial delivery was originally scheduled for November 2008, but that was moved to January 2009, and now pushed back again to November 2010, allowing necessary operational testing and training to begin prior to the delivery of mission-ready helicopters beginning in 2012, and all helicopters by 2013.

The Sikorsky CH-148 Helicopter  is based on the MH-92 Superhawk, with an Integrated Mission System and Sonobuoy Acoustic Processing System developed by General Dynamics Canada. Sensors include a Telephonics APS-143B radar, L-3’s HELRAS sonar, FLIR Systems’ Star SAFIRE-III surveillance and targeting turrets, and radar warning and defensive systems derived from Lockheed Martin’s AN/ALQ-210.

The CH-148 Cyclone will be an extremely capable naval platform. This MH-92 SUPERHAWK deivative is intended for Above-Water Warfare, Under-Water Warfare, Air Support Operations, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions.

But the effect of these changes is to delay operational use of the helicopters for 2 years. The original contract had penalty clauses for late delivery, but those clauses appear to have been waived in exchange for these contract amendments. The government release also took pains to state that it ”…has determined that the delays experienced were largely outside the control of the Contractor.”

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