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Obama Budget to Boost Spending $20.4B

March 1, 2009

From: Defense News
By William Matthews

President Barack Obama wants to increase spending on the U.S. military by $20.4 billion in 2010, but he’s also calling for a crackdown on the Pentagon’s profligate procurement system. The president unveiled a federal budget for 2010 that would increase defense spending to $533.7 billion. This year the military is receiving $513.3. The difference is a 4 percent increase, the White House said Feb. 26. The $533.7 billion does not include money for fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, or about $20 billion that is to be spent on nuclear weapons and other military items outside the Defense Department. Obama wants $130 billion for the wars – down from $144 billion being spent this year.

The three elements combined – the “base” budget, war funding and nuclear weapons – would push 2010 spending to about $683.7 billion. Spending for 2009 is about $681 billion.

In a budget outline, the president emphasized “reforming the costly and inefficient weapon development and acquisition process.”

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