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8 More C-295 for the Brazilian Air Force, including SAR versions.

June 26, 2009

EADS CASA C-295 (C-105 Amazonas)

EADS CASA C-295 (C-105 Amazonas)

The Sub-directorate for Development and Programs (SDDP) of the Brazilian air force’s Department of Science and Aerospace Technology (CTA) this week received the initial offer from the Spanish company EADS CASA for the acquisition of four new C-105 Amazonas transport aircraft (CASA C-295) and four SC-105s, the search and rescue variant.

These aircraft are intended for transport units stationed in the country’s northern and centre-west regions, as well as for the Pelican Squadron (Esquadrão Pelicano, 2º/10º GAV), based in Campo Grande (MS) and specialized in search and rescue missions.

The company’s initial offer is in response to the Request For Proposals issued to the company on April 15. The next phase of the acquisition process will be the evaluation of the offer, which will take place in July. A team of civilian and military specialists from various departments of the air force, coordinated by the CL-X Project management team, will evaluate the technical, operational, logistic, industrial, contractual aspects of the projrect, including offsets.

At present, the Brazilian Air Force operates 12 c-105 Amazonas in transport roles and some of them have been seen flying search misions during the search operation of Air France’s AF447 flight.

Sources: Defesa@Net | Tecnologia&

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